About GB7DL

GB7DL is a proposed new D-Star Repeater that is intended to fill in an area of either poor or non-existant D-Star coverage on the lincolnshire coast.

It's intended coverage extends from Boston Northwards along the coast to just short of Mablethorpe, While some of this area is already served by GB7CH at Stenigot coverage can be very patchy due to the rf shadow cast by the Lincolnshire Wolds.

While the coverage predicted for the repeater is not a massive area it will make a big difference to coverage in the area as you can see from the maps below.
Current D-Star Coverage from GB7CH (click to zoom)
Combined D-Star Coverage from GB7CH and GB7DL (click to zoom)
With GB7CH being in such close proximity to the proposed location of GB7DL The first people contacted regarding the possibility of a new repeater were the team behind the repeaters at stenigot to check whether they had any objections to a new repeater, We didnt want to tread on anyones toes and also needed to make sure that there weren't already plans in place to extend GB7CH's coverage.
Alan (M0AQC) was the first to respond saying that he though it was a very good idea (although I seem to remember that "Very" was not quite the word that he used).

Alan & Brian have since helped a great deal with the initial setup for GB7DL helping out with various aspects of the hardware.

Current GB7DL Status - Linked To REF001 C Using DPlus link